Map Monday: Saint Paul Climate Vulnerability

Here’s a map from Saint Paul’s draft Climate Action Plan, which is out right now for comment. It shows a composite of vulnerability to poor air quality, extreme heat, and flooding, as well as some other social factors that vary by neighborhood.

Here’s the overall big picture for the city:


Stp Climate Risk Map 2

The plan has the following description:

Areas in the Thomas-Dale, as well as North End, northern Payne-Phalen, and Greater East Side neighborhoods – are identified as having the highest combined risk to negative impacts of climate change. These areas are largely concentrated in the northeastern and north central portions of the city. In contrast, the western portion of the city is comparatively low risk.

The idea here is to show the connection between climate action and equity. As the impacts of climate instability get worse, they will create ever larger impacts in specific neighborhoods, impacting poor and POCI neighborhoods more than other places.

Check out the whole plan here, and feel free to send in a comment.