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Central Park in New York City in the fall. A wide path lined with lights and benches, covered by a large tree canopy.

National Links: Olmstead’s 200th Birthday

Last Tuesday would have been famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s 200th birthday. His thinking on design would change the way we think about urban parks and the restorative nature of green space in urban places. While most know of his most famous work of Central Park in New York City, he designed as part of his practice hundreds of other parks around the country. A new guide features some of these lesser-known spaces.

National Links: Designing Pedestrian Dignity

Why green space doesn’t make suburbs more environmentally friendly than cities, how Japanese toddlers are more helpful to their parents and more on global urban trends.

The Alt-Bike Movement of St. Paul

I said, “We’re gonna make Saint Paul a world-class bicycling and walking city.” My slogan was “Get America Walking Again”!

St. Paul Announces Sweeping Transportation Policy Changes

Mayor Allcity announced that in light of our declared climate emergency, degrading city and resident finances, and public safety and health challenges brought about by car dependency, our streets and transportation systems will no longer prioritize private car drivers above all other transportation modes. Instead, people walking, biking, and rolling (hereafter simply referred to as “people”) will no longer be treated mostly as an afterthought by city planners and engineers and the safety and convenience of low-carbon, active transportation modes will be prioritized.

Some Mental Health Cartoons

Last week, I went to see my Cycologist. I told him I was depressed about all the climate change induced flooding in Australia. He suggested that humans would develop new ways to adapt. I told him that I was also depressed by the lack of color on winter streets and the fact that everyone in […]

National Links: Road Design’s Role in Crashes

Human error gets blamed for deadly crashes, but road and vehicle design more often is the culprit. The first half of 2021 recorded 20,000 deaths on U.S. roads.