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Sunday Summary – September 8, 2019

Here in Northfield, from whence this Summary emanates, it is the real end of summer.  Labor Day is observed here, but the Defeat of Jesse James is celebrated. The bank raid is reenacted every couple of hours, the cheese curds from the State Fair have drifted south and everyone is wearing bandannas and cowboy boots.  Best of all (for the urbanists, anyway), the celebration eliminates much downtown parking, but thousands of people come to town anyway, and the show goes on.  Let Fall begin!

Continuing stories and conversations

Brit Builds an ADU: Bye-Buy Garage continues the story of Brit Anbacht’s ADU planning and preparation. Getting ready for construction required some deconstruction, and “Apparently selling a garage to be rebuilt elsewhere is a thing you can do, and it saves us the expense of sending an unwanted structure to the landfill. (Let alone the environmental savings.)” Many pictures show how to dismantle a garage and a good reminder about ways to keep things out of the landfill.

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The garage is half gone, into this incredibly useful trailer.

Zachary Wefel has developed a FAQ for camera enforcement of traffic violations in Camera Enforcement Questions & Answers. This post continues the conversation about safer streets and the role of enforcement which has been developing over the last few weeks and is pro-camera, “I believe camera enforcement is a key component in creating safe streets and can be done without sacrificing our commitments to equity, privacy, and safety through better design.”  The many commenters are divided with some believing the answers that cameras could avoid bias and would serve as evidence of possible violation…and the others not trusting that the system would work as suggested.

Exposing flaws in the argument

Let People Get Around Walking & Biking Without Risking Death by Lindsey Aster Silas responds to a Strib op-ed by Scott Lambert, president of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association and the Greater Metro Auto Dealers Association attempting to defend choosing to travel by car as both necessary and value-neutral, to which this post says “a century of U.S. policy and infrastructure has created a country where driving is the only choice for most people. To give people actual choice, we have to make our streets safer.”

Regular features

Link: National Links: Aviation Emissions and Extreme Heat and more from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.

Walk:  Walking All the Streets of Southeastern Longfellow with Max Hailperin.

Reviews and products: Conrad Zbikowski continues to review and compare vehicles with Review: Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Electric Scooter and Graphic: What’s a Vehicle’s Carbon Footprint? comparing electric vehicles, hybrids, and “gas hogs.”

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