Podcast #126: Saint Paul Climate Action with Chelsea DeArmond

Screen Shot 2019 10 02 At 12.28.11 PmI’m happy to bring you a conversation with Chelsea DeArmond, one of the founders of Saint Paul’s 350.org chapter. 350 dot org is an international climate action group that is trying very hard to place climate change at the center of our cultural conversations, and catalyze change in how we use energy in the US. Founded by Bill McKibben back in 2007, the name is sadly a bit out of date at this point, as we’ve already hit 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere.

The founder of Saint Paul’s chapter is Chelsea DeArmond, a walking and biking advocate who is organizing climate actions from her home on the East Side. I sat down with Chelsea a few months ago to chat about the city’s new draft Climate Action and Resilience Plan, a document aimed at getting the city of Saint Paul in line with some of the changes that would be necessary to make a low-carbon city. It’s a document full of detailed and ambitious plans, but at least according to DeArmond, it could be even better. We had a great conversation about climate change, why it matters in the Twin Cities, and how we can finally begin to make some progress on reducing the use of fossil fuels in Minnesota.

I hope you enjoy this critical chat.

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