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Sunday Summary – November 3, 2019

And there’s still time to Join the Board for Better Places in Minnesota.  Last week was heavy on Saint Paul election information; if you live in Saint Paul, vote on November 5 (Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night for you Anglophiles – I think fireworks would be an excellent addition to election days if we could find a climate-friendly night sky display).  Here’s the haul:

Elections 2019

You can find all the election related posts in the 2019 Voter Guide. This week, Saint Paul Ward 1 Candidate Questionnaire: Anika Bowie is the next set of responses to Dan Choma’s Ward 1 questions.  And here’s the Neighbors for More Neighbors St. Paul City Council Candidate Questionnaire (head over to N4MN for candidate responses).  Finally, another election podcast conversation with Bill Lindeke Podcast #127: Saint Paul’s 6th Ward with Nelsie Yang.

Transit from a different perspective

Brit Anbach tells us about Riding the Bus with ADHD both about ADHD features and challenges and what might help make transit better for people with ADHD (and probably many more) saying, “Unfortunately our bus system is built around the daily commute for a neurotypical 9-5 office worker coming from the suburbs or the outer city to downtown. Which means a lot of the time I have to drive because I’m already running late and missed the bus or will be out too late for the bus to get me home again.”  The comments are lively both criticizing some of the proposals made in the post, but also considering how making transit more ADHD friendly could benefit many others as well.

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Regular features

Links: National Links: Sprawling Suburbs and Oligopolies from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.

Walk: Walking All the Streets of Northern Lowry Hill with Max Hailperin.





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