A closeup of fresh blooms of a Weigela bush

Living In The City Does Not Mean Being Disconnected From Nature!

During this era of isolation due to COVID-19, I’ve found myself walking, biking, and generally spending more time outside. I’ve had a lot of time to notice the natural world more than I used to and I’ve been able to experience the landscape and soundscape of my yard and neighborhood with a more profound appreciation.

I’ve watched Crimson Maple trees bud and seemingly overnight be covered in leaves ready for the summer. 

When the leaves drop, I’ve seen nests in the tops of these trees, and this year I have regularly watched Cardinals fly through my yard between one neighbor’s Lilac bush and another neighbor’s Sumac, not to mention a stunning Blue Jay perched on my neighbor’s roof vent.

As the air continued to warm, I noticed a stand of clover start to sprout from seeds I’d planted last year. A few weeks later they started to bloom.

blooming clover

Red Clover in bloom. Photo: Author

We also have a Weigela bush that made its first signs of flowering and 2 weeks later, it was covered with primrose-colored flowers.

Img 7593

Weigela Plant in Bloom. Photo: Author

Other plants in bloom are Sedum, Blue Indigo, and Peonies.

Img 7598

Creeping Sedum plant in bloom. Photo: Author

Img 7596

Blue Indigo plant in bloom. Photo: Author

Img 7599

Peonies in bloom. Photo: Author

Never forget to appreciate the natural world. There is beauty all around us.

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Fred Kreider

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