Act Now on Hennepin Avenue

In early March 2021, at the third open house, the City of Minneapolis presented two options for the future Hennepin Avenue reconstruction project between Lake Street and Douglas Avenue. Hennepin Avenue was last reconstructed in 1957, so this is a huge opportunity to weigh in on a street we’ll be living with for the next 50 years. Reconstruction is set to start in 2024 with the street reopening in 2026. This is something to keep in mind as we make a decision now in 2021: Five years from now, what will our priorities be?

Bike Path: Yes or No?
Both options feature dedicated bus lanes in both directions, a lane of vehicle traffic in both directions, wider sidewalks, and a reduction in the overall number of parking spots with that portion of the right of way reallocated for public uses. The major differences are that Option 1 features a sidewalk level bike path and reduced parking, while Option 2 does not include any bike facilities, instead forcing people to choose between biking with vehicle traffic, biking on the sidewalk, or avoiding the businesses along the corridor entirely while traveling by bike. Option 2 favors more parking spaces. You can view the Open House presentation, Q&A, layouts and side-by-side comparison at

The City of Minneapolis is seeking feedback on these options by April 16, 2021. Project staff are continuing to refine the design. If you visit this area or live in it, sharing the specifics of your own experiences as you walk, roll, and take transit on the corridor are particularly helpful for them at this stage. If you haven’t commented, the time is now!

2 Steps to Comment
1) Use the Hennepin Avenue South Reconstruction Feedback Map to leave comments:

2) Complete the Project Survey (You’ll see the Take Survey button on the right side of the page.)

Friday April 16, 2021 is the last day to get your comments in, so don’t wait – ACT NOW!

This is the second of two options presented at the Hennepin Ave S Open Houses in March. This layout shows wider sidewalks, dedicated bus lanes, but does not include a bikeway.