He Had Something to Prove

I had a queen-size mattress I didn’t need anymore, but it still had a few good years of life left in it. I asked around, “anyone want this before I get Bridging to come pick it up?”

Ian Buck said yes! And, in a move that sparked joy in my heart, he said, “I’ll borrow the big trailer I rode in at Open Streets and move it on that!”

Another friend connected the owner of the big trailer and Ian. The owner warned, it doesn’t connect if you have disc brakes… But the owner’s spouse is also a tall guy, so Ian borrowed a bike and trailer for the evening!

Then Ian got there and discovered the loaner bike was a single speed… and he was going to cross the river to Saint Paul, climbing the Marshall hill!! Fortunately for us all, he’s an absolute beast of a cyclist, and stepped up to the challenge.

Ian came up, helped me roll out the mattress to the trailer, and got advice from another person at the bike racks that our first and second ideas were going to catch wind like a sail.

Ian stands the mattress on the long edge in the trailer. It's almost as long as the trailer!
It was a sight to behold the other way. Photo: Author

So, we turned it flat, and used about 10 bungee cords to secure it to the trailer and a protective blanket to the top.

Ian rides away with the mattress flat and bungeed to the trailer, with its uneven walls adding to the lopsided appeal of the situation.
Go Ian go! Photo: Author

We thought a couple of dry thoughts for its journey to its new home to avoid getting rain on it, and off he went!

The trailer and bike and mattress are on their side in a gutter on a quiet street in Saint Paul on a cloudy November afternoon.
Too much speed! What an unlikely problem… Photo: Ian Buck

He took a corner a bit too fast and did an emergency dismount, taking a little breather to document.

Then, I’m given to understand, the rest of the trip went completely normally, and he and mattress are at their new home, only a little bit dusty for the ride.

We’re now both pretty convinced that there’s no piece of furniture he couldn’t haul on a bike.

Give me a bike trailer long enough and a bike on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

Pine Salica

About Pine Salica

Pine lives in Minneapolis and works in Saint Paul. Pine hasn't owned a car for over a dozen years, and can count on one hand the number of times they've operated one in the last 12 months. Housing is a human right, car storage is not. Member of the Climate Committee.