Author: Brian Quarstad

Brian Quarstad

Brian Quarstad

Writes for Northern Pitch - Covering the Pyramid of American Soccer ( and runs a Facebook page promoting walkability, rollability and businesses along Snelling Avenue called Citizens for a Better Snelling Avenue Follow me on Twitter: @IMSoccerNews

Your MN United Midway Stadium Parking Explainer

Where will Minnesota United FC fans park? That question promises to be with us for a while. Brian Quarstad and Alex Schieferdecker examine where fans will park, and why Midway redevelopment the site plan doesn’t seem to provide it. “But what about the parking?” Brian: The question of parking is one we’ve seen a lot […]

Bill McGuire and R.K. Midway Preview New Soccer Stadium

[This article first appeared on Northern Pitch.] Members of the City of St. Paul’s Snelling-Midway Community Advisory Council (CAC) were given a glimpse into the vision that developers have for the 34.5 acre Midway Center and bus barn site and that vision will create transformational change. Bill McGuire, owner of Minnesota United who are on […]