Author: Doug Trumm

Doug Trumm

Doug Trumm

Doug lives in the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood of Saint Paul, blogs for the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, and freelances as a dogwalker or political researcher, depending on the season. He enjoys living blocks from the U of M transitway bike facility and a mile from the Green Line. He loves to cook, see live music, and travel.

What the Minneapolis Election Means for Urbanism

Minneapolis has several high-profile political races that could push the city in a more progressive and urbanist direction. Mayor Betsy Hodges, the incumbent, has drawn a wealth of challengers even though she has overseen some policy successes in her first term. Since all 13 councilmembers are up for reelection, many council seats could change hands. […]

A Stroll Through Langford Park

  Langford Park on a July afternoon is a hive of activity. Kids buzz around the playground, scampering across its jungle gyms and catapulting themselves off its swing sets. Moms hover over the general mayhem trying to enforce some level of order on the chaos. Kids slightly older and with a higher capacity for organized […]

Dense Ideas: Southwest And Other LRT Lines

One criticism often glossed over by SWLRT boosters is that the alignment lacks density. David Levinson expertly laid out the trade-offs in his recent piece. Low population density will limit the value added by the line. The line could still be a success, but its ceiling will be that much lower. It appears Met Council […]