Author: Sheldon Mains

Sheldon Mains

Sheldon Mains is a shameless agitator and Minneapolis bicycle and transportation advocate. He ran the Spokes Community Bike shop, which is now part of Cycles for Change. He is a board member of the Seward Towers Corporation (a community owned affordable housing complex in Seward Neighborhood that is the second largest affordable housing complex in Minnesota) and a board member of Redesign, Inc., a non-profit community development corporation. His opinions are his own and not those of Cycles for Change, Seward Towers Corporation or Redesign Inc. A decade ago, he was a member of the last Minneapolis Library Board and was a the Library board representative on the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation and the Minneapolis Planning Commission.

Minneapolis 2040 Is More Than Fourplexes and High-Rises

Contrary to most of the commentary, Minneapolis 2040, this decade’s comprehensive plan re-do, is about a lot more than allowing fourplexes in all of Minneapolis and skyscraper apartments in your neighborhood. It starts with 14 basic goals adopted by the City Council to provide direction to staff in the development of the draft Comprehensive Plan. The 97 policies in the Comprehensive Plan flow from those goals. Under […]

Changes Finally Coming to the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha Intersection in Minneapolis

This is my first post for, so first a few things about me: I have a degree in engineering (electrical). That means that math is my first language; English is my second. It also means I think in lists. So, I like bulleted lists—I just tend to find those easier follow. I also have […]