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Serafina Scheel

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Serafina studies election administration at the University of Minnesota and German at the Germanic-American Institute. She's a horrible driver and tries to spare the rest of humanity by biking or using transit as often as possible. She lives in Prospect Park in Minneapolis with her husband and son, just a block away from St. Paul.

A New Look for Minnehaha Academy

When Minnehaha Academy shared its rebuilding plans with the nearby community, any regular reader could have predicted the outcome: neighbors were concerned about building height, the lack of a traditional brick school design, migratory birds, and, yes, traffic and parking.   Minnehaha Academy has garnered an outpouring of community support following the tragic gas […]

Delivering Safety in Saint Paul’s Bike Lanes

This summer our car broke. It was old and tired and just decided it didn’t want to cart us around anymore. The good people at the American Diabetes Association came and towed it away for us, and we took to our bikes. Every morning, my 8-year-old son and I would bike from Prospect Park to […]