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Walking All the Streets of Eastern McKinley

Don’t just scroll through this post looking at the photos. At a minimum, even if you don’t read the text, click the links. The most striking sights of this walk—several remarkable murals clustered on a single building—are only represented through links to external sources. I didn’t take any decent photos of them and am not […]

Sidewalk Art at Liberty Community Church

Walking All the Streets of Western McKinley

Visiting Minneapolis neighborhoods alphabetically generally prevents geographic continuity, but every once in a while the next neighborhood turns out to be adjacent. That happened moving from Marshall Terrace to McKinley, though the border down the middle of the Mississippi is traversable only on the Lowry Avenue bridge. I didn’t start with the adjacent part of McKinley; instead, […]

Stop Sign In The Snow

Walking All the Streets of Southern Lind-Bohanon

Early 20th-century industrial buildings, a convivial neighborhood bar, creekside trails, and a West-Indian grocery were some of the highlights when I returned to the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood for the third and final segment. As on my second visit, I was fortunate enough to catch one of those gloriously blue-skied days that happen with some regularity in winter; […]

Lindbohanon2 15

Walking All the Streets of Central Lind-Bohanon

Cheerier weather, a broader age range of development, and the inclusion of a commercial area differentiated this second visit to the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood from the prior, more northerly walk. Although this walk’s area overlaps with both that prior walk and the one yet to come, it avoids both the most northern and the most southern portions […]

Bryant Ave North Sidewalk

Walking All the Streets of Northern Lind-Bohanon

The Lind-Bohanon neighborhood is among the most northerly in Minneapolis and lies between Humboldt Avenue North and the Mississippi River, except that south of 48th Avenue North, it only extends as far east as Lyndale Avenue North. (The remaining strip between Lyndale and the river is part of the Camden Industrial Area.) On the route map, […]

Humboldt1 08

Walking All the Streets of Humboldt Industrial Area

The Humboldt Industrial Area has hardly any public streets to walk. The interior is devoid of them aside from one cul-de-sac portion of 47th Avenue North, shown in red on the route map. Even the perimeter isn’t all public right-of-way: the southern border is the historic Soo Line, now Canadian Pacific Railway. That railway is […]

Walking All the Streets in Southern Folwell

The Folwell neighborhood is named for Folwell Park in North Minneapolis, not Folwell School in South Minneapolis. (This means it is indirectly named for Folwell the park board president, not Folwell the University of Minnesota president—though they were one and the same person.) So the title “Southern Folwell” indicates not which Folwell I’m writing about, but rather which half of it […]

Northern Cleveland

On my first day in the Cleveland neighborhood, I had walked everything south of 35th Avenue (and alternate blocks of that avenue), so when the good (if slushy) weather unexpectedly continued, I returned the next day for the rest. As usual, my route map consists shows a main loop in blue and supplemental spurs in […]

Southern Cleveland

The Cleveland neighborhood within north Minneapolis’s Camden community has Penn and Xerxes Avenues as its eastern and western boundaries and Lowry and Dowling Avenues (which take the place of 32nd and 38th Avenues) as its southern and northern boundaries. However, today I only walked the southern half, going as far north as 35th Avenue. In […]

Camden Industrial Area: Nature, History, Liberian Food, and Even Some Industry

Editor’s Note: Max Hailperin is walking each of Minneapolis’ 87 neighborhoods, in alphabetical order. He chronicles his adventures at  allofminneapolis.com and we’re sharing them here at streets.mn, at a pace of one or two walks per week. The Camden Industrial Area is nearly a misnomer, in that a large proportion of this thin strip along the […]