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Corcoran, Day 2: Art and Businesses

My first day in Corcoran included everything north of 33rd Street as well as a few blocks of more southerly area near Hiawatha Avenue. For day 2, I filled in the remainder using a path that started and ended at the corner of 36th Street and Cedar Avenue, supplemented by a few spurs shown in red. I […]

Making Transit-Oriented Development Great at Lake and Hiawatha

There is room for improvement at the transit-oriented development proposed at Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue. It has been a long time coming, but the latest version of the project (shown below) has Hennepin County acting as master developer, working with a private design and development team led by BKV Group. A Hennepin County service center will […]

Hiawatha Avenue Crosswalk Improvements*

The Hiawatha Avenue crosswalk improvements at 38th, 42nd and 46th Streets are largely complete. For a reported cost of $850,000, curb bumpouts have been created in most places to reduce crossing distance, pork chop islands have been enlarged and center refuge islands widened, curb cuts are now ADA compliant, the crosswalk along the south side of […]