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Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 3)

Having walked the eastern, park-dominated part of the Ericsson neighborhood on day 1 and half of the west on day 2, I was ready to finish off the rest of the west. In the route map below, the light blue tint indicates the full neighborhood, the dark blue line indicates the circuitous main path between two stops on the […]

Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 2)

As on my first day in the Ericsson neighborhood, the blue tinted area on the route map shows the full neighborhood, whereas the heavier blue and red lines show where I walked this day. (The blue line shows the main loop, starting and ending on 42nd Street East at Nokomis Avenue South. The red lines show […]

Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 1)

The Ericsson neighborhood in south Minneapolis lies between Cedar and Hiawatha Avenues, with its southern border on Minnehaha Parkway and its northern border a mix of 42nd and 43rd Streets. In the route map, the full neighborhood is indicated by the blue tint, while the blue line shows my main path the first day and […]