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Front Doors and Walkable Cities

Front doors are an important part of the urban landscape. Irish doors may be the most famous example (just Google it). I have successfully advocated for front doors in the past, and I even came up with the GDA, or Gehl Door Average, based on Jan Gehl’s book Cities for People, whereby only when there are 10 or more doors per 100 […]

Minneapolis through Portland Eyes: Great Place, but Not Yet Bike Paradise

A woman lounges on the bike-frame bike rack outside Modern Times, Minneapolis’s answer to the New Deal Cafe. “Can I take a photo?” I asked. “Hell yeah,” she said. Photos: M.Andersen. Crossposted from BikePortland, where this ran Friday under the headline “Minneapolis is a very nice city for biking but it is definitely no Portland.” Now, […]

Chart of the Day: Bike Compliance and Traffic Signal Design

  The above chart comes from this 2006 study by Portland State University about redesigning a traffic signal to accommodate (and even prioritize) bicycles by offering them a unique “bicycle scramble signal.” The before picture shows most bicyclists “breaking the law” (the part of the chart in light purple). The after picture shows the reverse. Here’s […]