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Chart of the Day: Minnesota Daily Insolation on September 1st

Insolation is a portmanteau of Incoming Solar Radiation, or how much energy we are receiving on per day from the sun (measured in watts per meter squared). This changes based on the tilt of the earth, which in turn affects both the total duration and angle of sunlight. The patterns change a lot depending on the […]

Awnings: Shelter from the Storm

It’s one of the rare rainy seasons in Minnesota, and for that rarity I personally am glad having grown up in a climate more like Seattle’s and Portland’s than the Twin Cities. Climate is an important motivator for infrastructure decisions. I have to confess that the climatic explanation for why we have skyways is not […]

Nice Ride Riders Like Nice Weather

Note: This post is part of the streets.mn/Nice Ride crowdsource conversation, a series of crowdsourced looks at how to expand or improve Nice Ride planning. Check out the rest here.   Bike ride systems around the world experience seasonable variability [1].  For 2014, the Twin Cities Nice Ride system saw an average daily ridership of 611 rides […]