Experiencing City Streets: 30 Days of Biking

30 Days of Biking

Another year of 30 Days of Biking has come and gone. In addition to miserably failing to tweet regularly, I missed a few days of riding while I was traveling on the east coast. All the same, for me, this was the best year of 30 Days of Biking to date.

For folks who haven’t heard of 30 Days of Biking, it’s a joyful community of bicyclists that commit to riding their bike every day for the month of April and then sharing stories on twitter with @30daysofbiking or using the hashtag #30daysofbiking. Since its inception in 2010, 30 Days of Biking has grown to a worldwide community of cyclists numbering in the thousands. This group of cycling supporters embodies many of the things I love about the Minneapolis urban scene. They play off of the social nature of our Midwestern city by mixing the spirit of adventure with a challenge.

And here’s what I really love about this idea: These are real people. Just like me. Just like you.

Photos from 30 Days of Biking

Just a few of the photos uploaded by 30 Days of Biking participants

By participating, we’re asked to remember the joy in and of bicycling –a simple ride around the block counts for just as much as a 50 mile ride! I was reminded daily why I started bicycling in the first place. I relish feeling the wind against my skin, getting to know my neighbors, exploring the urban environment, and staying healthy. Bicycling is a sure fire way to experience your city streets and feeling connected to this community of cycling supporters reinvigorated my work as a cycling advocate.

This year I can say I sincerely experienced 30 Days of Biking. Though I missed a few days, I did try. A few times I had to be creative to fit in a ride. I went on short rides during my lunch hour, rode on a stationary bike, and while traveling I tested out Washington DC’s bike share system. When I returned to Minneapolis, I marveled at our city’s on-street cycling infrastructure like I was seeing it again for the first time. One morning, entirely too early, I was overjoyed to see dozens of cyclists on the Midtown Greenway. I tested new ways to commute to the Northeast Ride office on Central Ave. and biked out of the city to put some good miles on my legs.

In an uncharacteristic move, I only took a few photos during 30 Days of Biking. But, they were during a sunset ride along the Stone Arch Bridge, which is pretty much as Minneapolis as it gets.

Paul's BikeAmber & PaulUMN Bridge

Next year’s goal: Actually tweet about it…  🙂

Amber Collett

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Amber is a bicycling advocate that lives in Minneapolis and spends a lot of time in Saint Paul. She loves growing and cooking food, knitting, and going on outdoor adventures. She tweets @AmberCollett.