Our 36 greatest hits (2013)

Below are the 36 most popular posts on Streets.MN in the Year 2013, as judged by number of page views.  Read them again for the first time.

2012 Best Mid-Late 20th Century Enclosed Shopping Mall: Mall of America
We need to stop the Southwest Corridor
I-94 Congestion: A Simpler And Safer Solution?
Six Less Obvious Benefits to Streetcars
Three Ways to Improve Walkability Without Touching the Street
Does New Minneapolis Architecture All Look the Same?
Final Design for Stillwater Bridge may Exceed Budget
It’s not the suburbs, it’s mid-late 20th century urban design, planning, engineering, and architecture
Why I’m proud to be “offended” by the judgemental map of Minneapolis
Three big misconceptions about the House of Hanson development in Dinkytown
Do Streetcars Promote Economic Development?
A rail identity crisis in Minneapolis
Embarrassed by the Bus
Three Half-Assed Freeways That Nobody Will Miss
The case for (and against) public subsidy for public transport
1st Annual Minneapolis Bike ‘n’ Brew Tour
Do We Really Want Bike Lanes?
Shipping Container Housing is a Terrible Idea
The Truth About the “Dangers” of Winter Cycling
Eyeing two unintended outcomes of the bicycle facilities arms race
The Nicollet Walk: A Stairway to the Skyway
Towards a First-Class Bus System
Reconsidering the Nicollet Mall Redesign
Picking a Streetcar Fight with the Met Council is the Right Move for Minneapolis
4-to-3 Road Diets: The #1 Thing Cities Can Do Right Away to Improve Quality of Life
Addressing a neighborhood gap
Does BRT have Economic Development Effects?
If not gentrification—what?
Twin Cities Alignment Madness and the Perfect Network
Newflash: St. Paul isn’t Minneapolis (and that’s a good thing)
US DOT and HHS announce public health campaign to reduce driving
Rethinking the Minneapolis Transit Hub
Not dead, but buried
Don’t be Misled by Parking Space Economics
Welcome to Stadium Village: The 21st Century Dinkytown
Minnehaha Avenue Will Test the City of Minneapolis Climate Action Plan