Sunday Summary – October 12, 2014

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Stop, Look and Listen

Policy problems

Conservation Districts are (still) a Bad Idea but Minneapolis is considering such an ordinance; the new law is less about conservation than about preservation of some lower density neighborhoods while steering more intense development elsewhere. Minneapolis Should Skip Streetcars, the latest capital intensive transit trend, which don’t do much more, but cost much more (to construct) than buses. Saint Paul’s 8-80 Vitality Fund Can Help Saint Paul Work for Everyone reviews Saint Paul’s new $42.5 million fund to build “bold and vibrant places” in the city.  We’re thrilled that posts are increasingly getting wider distribution, too; the first two posts were picked up by MinnPost, while the last made it to

Other interesting stuff

The EU BICI series continues with a trip to Cycling’s Oasis in Odense (Denmark), one of Northern Europe’s best cycling success stories.  There are a couple of fun to think about posts this week.  Is There a Physical Difference Between the Brains of Pedestrians and Motorists? considers this years’ Nobel Prize in Medicine about the hippocampus and wonders whether pedestrians’ different set of skills and stimuli might change brains, too. GM, Conspiracies, Controversies, and Complications considers the mixed messages General Motors send with its ads and new Michigan bikeshare program combined with some questions about their past practice.

Here in Northfield, crews are working hard to finish 2014 street projects before there’s plowable snow and street sweepers are cleaning up autumn leaves (and leaving them in the bike lanes). Don’t forget the gloves and lights on the bike commute and have a great week!

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