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NOIR: ‘Walking’ (Original Song Version)

Whoa. This is a meta-moment, I think. Back in August of 2014, I posted a video that I had previously digitized from a VHS tape supplied to me by fellow contributor, Ken Avidor: Walking, That’s What We Do! I recently happened upon another video (posted here) on Youtube that is apparently the original version of the same song by Noir. It is a bit more risqué, but I had no idea until my recent discovery that the version I previously posted here was a modification of the original tune. To add another layer to the meta-ness, it turns out that a founding member of Noir was a member of the band Sailor, a song by which was linked to last week by fellow contributor, David Levinson.

From the video’s description:

Go to to buy the Noir CD ‘Strange Desire’. All the videos on the Georg Kajanus Channel (bwbarb) were uploaded by the songwriter and performer for promotional purposes under the “fair usage” provision. — In the late nineties, Georg Kajanus left his creation Sailor to form the poetic-techno duo Noir with Tim Dry (previously of Tik and Tok and a featured artist in ‘Star Wars’). Although never given a proper release, Noir’s single ‘Walking’ was used as the backing for an unprecedented eight music videos shot in Munich, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Paris. Kajanus also penned the Sailor hits ‘Traffic Jam’, ‘A Glass of Champagne’, ‘Girls Girls Girls’, ‘La Cumbia’ and ‘The Secretary’ and the DATA hits ‘Living Inside Me’ and ‘Ricocheted Love’. Recent Kajanus covers are ‘La Cumbia’ by Cuba Club and Scooter’s ‘Jumping All Over the World’ a reworking of ‘Champagne’.


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