Every Sidewalk Tells a Story

Here are just a few of the stories I’ve seen:

I saw this woman pushing her cart with a  few groceries along a road in Fridley. I’m guessing that she lives in the apartments ahead and was coming from either the pharmacy or grocery store behind me. I wonder who decided not to put a sidewalk in along here?



Almost every day along Centerville Road in Little Canada I see people walking or riding bicycles. There are a number of apartments up ahead and behind me is a small store and a bus stop. Same question as above.



This is Safety Sam. Every time I see a Safety Sam I wonder why he’s necessary.



Someone thought it’d be nice to better connect the inside with the outside. This is Axel’s on Grand. Many other places like Brasa and Wild Onion have been doing the same thing. Kudos to these folks.



This sound wall is along Hodgson Road in Shoreview. Is this necessary because what should perhaps be a slower and quieter street is a faster and noisier road? Because of the church parking lot across the street? It may not have been avoidable but it does make this stretch of path a bit less pleasant than the rest of the path.



An increasingly common sight in Shoreview as more and more people ride bicycles to dinner or for shopping.


Walker Angell

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