Map Monday: 1970s Minnesota Bikeways

Yeah I know it’s Tuesday…

Cool old bike maps from the 70s courtesy of the Hennepin County Library:

mn bikeways 1972

See the rest, including some cool kitschy cover art, over at their Tumblr.

6 thoughts on “Map Monday: 1970s Minnesota Bikeways

        1. Adam FroehligAdam Froehlig

          I would disagree with that statement. Most of 94 North was built as a buffer between the residential neighborhoods to the west and what was then and still largely is industrial area along the river.

          1. Alex CecchiniAlex Cecchini

            This shot from 1957 looks like a pretty nice neighborhood from above. Yes, industrial line(d) the river, but streets connected well with it and had nice transition in many spots from industrial to lighter/smaller industry surrounded by commercial/mixed-use to residential. Compare that to today.

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