Robert St. S. in St. Paul Friday August 15, 2014. (Pioneer Press: Jean Pieri)

West Saint Paul Mayor Tries to Kill Robert Street Pedestrian Amenities

Robert Street in West Saint Paul. Img via Finance and Commerce.

Robert Street in West Saint Paul. Img via Finance and Commerce.

According to a recent article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the reconstruction of Robert Street in West St. Paul is bumping up against some cost overruns.

Says newly elected Mayor Dave Meisinger:

“So the numbers are increasing and increasing and increasing,” said Meisinger, who was elected in November after campaigning against the ballooning cost of the project.

So what does Mayor Meisinger propose to do about the escalating price tag? Postpone the small percentage of the project aimed at making Robert Street a little bit nicer of a place to walk around.

“When the additional funding is found,” he said, “we can finish the monuments and the railings — everything fancy-schmancy.”

It seems the Mayor may be very happy with Robert Street remaining just as it was, as are at least some of West St. Paul’s residents who were attracted to the city by its sprawly suburban character, according to the video embedded above, which was produced in 2008 as an unofficial recruitment promotion.

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We just had to tell you about our wonderful city and why we moved here. Special thanks to Darin, Rebecca, Grandma, and Dr. Song Fixer.

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