Map Monday: Minneapolis / Saint Paul Neighborhood #cityburb Demographic “Comps”

Here are a pair of fascinating maps from journalistic gadfly, David Brauer, who has been working on a project that pairs urban neighborhoods with their closest demographic equivalents in the suburbs (or Greater Minnesota). Using five elements, “(kid %, whiteness, income, poverty, rental %” — Brauer does his best to match up like places, and comes up with these maps. Remember, these aren’t population similarities, but demographic ones.

In other words, which Minnesota city most closely matches which urban neighborhood?

Here’s Minneapolis, using the broader “communities” categorization:

With Rice Lake (a township north of Duluth) and Red Lake (a town on an Ojibwe reservation), the “City of Lakes” slogan still holds here, only for different reasons.

And here’s Saint Paul:

I particularly like Downtown / Bemidji and Minnetonka / Summit Hill. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing the project when it’s complete!

Brauer’s raw data tables are posted below:

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