New Nicollet Avenue South

Look here, I’m a new photo-blogger here. Kendra is my name.

I’m going to be doing a photographic series on Nicollet Avenue S. involving history and memories, for the remaining days of November and December. If you live anywhere between Whittier, Loring Park and Stevens Square you’ve probably seen me walking with coffee and my camera at some point. Does anyone remember the hole in the wall pho shop on 1815 Nicollet Avenue S? Does anyone even remember what it was called? I remember fondly one of my favorite bowls of pho upon returning to Minneapolis after living in the Bay Area was there. I remember the elderly lady who cooked and served, who always wanted to pinch my cheek because she was pleased, but unable to explain in English that she enjoyed seeing my camera. I’m going to attempt to go into my archives to see if I can find some photographs of that time but for now, present day:


For the rest of 11-27-2017 (and some of yesterday) photo walk from 24th down to 15th, click here.



4 thoughts on “New Nicollet Avenue South

  1. mplsmatt

    I’m fairly certain the place was called Pho Quan (I’m less sure about the spelling). They stayed open pretty late and we would often pile in there after a night at the Triple Rock or elsewhere for cheap soup and vegetarian options.

    1. Kendra Sundvall Post author

      Putting Triple Rock in that comment was a solid, I wish I would’ve been around Triple Rock at the same time as Pho Quan.

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