Map Monday: Twin Cities Racially Concentrated Areas of Wealth

Here’s a map from a recent presentation by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs out of the University of Minnesota. It shows a different perspective on the typical way of viewing income inequality in the Twin Cities. Instead of showing the Racially Concentrated Areas of Poverty (RCAP), this map flips the categories on their head and shows where concentrated wealth exists in the Twin Cities.

Here is the map:

Cura Map Rcaw

Check out the rest of the presentation, covering the connection between structural racism and housing policy, in the presentation online.

5 thoughts on “Map Monday: Twin Cities Racially Concentrated Areas of Wealth

  1. Trent

    So even the richest, whitest parts of Minneapolis are in comparisons to the suburbs, for the most part not that rich, and not that white.

      1. Mike

        The map as labeled above is already by census tract. Just by looking in Minneapolis you can see the regions are much smaller than zip codes.

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