Sunday Summary – November 25, 2018

Looking ahead – join us for winter fun and fundraising at our annual Winter Fundraiser on December 19 for food, conversation and The Theater for Public Policy – get tickets here! And looking back, here’s last week, a light holiday week, on


The Quarterly Transit Report — November 2018 is  regular feature with updates on Metro Transit service changes and other news. This time around, the bus driver shortage and cutting underperforming routes.

Here’s Some Research Backing Up Minneapolis 2040 writes Scott Shaffer. In response to critics of Minneapolis 2040 who contend the Plan won’t do what it ways it will do, “Is this true? Will the Minneapolis 2040 plan actually undermine its stated goals, and harm people of color and increase the cost of housing? What do the experts say? Well, I have a Hennepin County Public Library Card and a Chromebook, so I thought I would spend an afternoon poking around the staggering expanse of human knowledge I have access to,” and provide a short summary of some sources which support the Minneapolis 2040 goal of building more housing in desirable areas.

Paul Jahn visited The Palace Theatre, St. Paul’s W. 7th Place and its Pedestrian Mall saying “Dating back 100 years, The Palace Theatre was the new fixture in St. Paul’s cultural scene. Today’s acts share the stage with previous performers such as Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, and George Burns. To call this a mini-Broadway is way too much, although just the lights, a couple theaters, and the pedestrian mall gives me the perception of being in a different city, if just for a bit.” Commenters provide some additional information about what’s in the neighborhood.

Charlie Parr

Local Music Heroes L to R: Mikkel Beckmen, Liz Draper, Charlie Parr

Walk, look, link

Walk: Walking All the Streets of Southeastern Jordan with Max Hailperin.

Chart: Chart of the Day: City Typology by Mobility through Time – “Here’s a complex and fun chart that shows the historical evolution of global cities according to mobility type. If you go back far enough, all cities were “walking cities”, and then they started to evolve along a transit v. private mobility spectrum.”

Links: More National Links: Self Driving Cars Not Coming Anytime Soon from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.

Mobility Transport Diagram

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