Podcast #122: Planning for Walking in Saint Paul with Fay Simer

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Cover of the city’s first draft Pedestrian Plan. DETAIL.

Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Fay Simer. Fay Simer is the Pedestrian Coordinator for Saint Paul Public Works Department, and she has been working diligently on the city’s first ever official pedestrian plan. Like most cities, Saint Paul has never had an official plan for how to design a city for people to walk. Typically, there might be ordinances or policies about sidewalks or street engineering or ADA requirements, but putting everything together into a city-wide plan to push walking infrastructure is not something that most cities have ever done. After lots of community input, advocacy efforts, and problematic crashes, Saint Paul has finally come up with a plan for how to improve our streets with walking in mind.

That’s all about to change. Thanks to Fay Simer, who has been working diligently on the plan over the last year and a half, an actual city pedestrian plan is in draft form right now.

I sat down with Fay in her office building the other day, across the street from city hall, to chat about the draft plan and how she and the city came up with it. We chatted about the challenges, procedures, and policy prescriptions that come with trying to change walking in a city like Saint Paul, where there are lots of gaps in the sidewalks, dangerous streets, snow storms, and other barriers to walking. It’s a nerdy conversation and an important one, and I hope you enjoy it.


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