Streets Picnic 2016 1

Sunday Summary – June 30, 2019

Steamy summery Sunday Summary this week as the heat index threatens to climb above 100.  We’re hoping for sunny but somewhat cooler and drier weather for the annual Summer Picnic on Saturday July 13th at Boom Island Park from 11:30 am-2:00 pm. We’d love an RSVP, but we really just want you to come, eat, and talk.

Streets Picnic 2016 1

People of all ages and their plush pals are welcome at our picnic



Jenny Werness tells us more about her bike commute (also read here and here) with Bicycle Commuting and the Friends We Make Along the Way – June 27, 2019 – 14 commentsI regularly wave at a trail-friend or observe an animal-friend in the woods as I bike to work. It’s one of those little things that highlights how different bicycling is compared to driving. I move more slowly, I have the opportunity to see more things, and there’s no windshield to obscure a smile or wave. Commenters have a few stories of their own and you might write yours for us.

Conrad Zbikowski provides this public service announcement: Hennepin County to Restripe Park and Portland to Restore Bike Lanes. Relaying the details from a recent email, “Hennepin County announced it would be restriping lanes of Park Avenue South (County Road 33) and Portland Avenue South (County Road 35) to restore the buffered bike lanes present before the 35@94 freeway project began.” Check the post for the schedule, lane closures, etc.

Creek in woods with green-headed duck in middle

Views from a bike commute: I often find this mallard (or his friends) in this part of the creek

Regular features

Links! National Links: Innovative Bike Projects and Housing Madness from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.

Map! Map Monday: Saint Paul Climate Vulnerability: “Here’s a map from Saint Paul’s draft Climate Action Plan, which is out right now for comment. It shows a composite of vulnerability to poor air quality, extreme heat, and flooding, as well as some other social factors that vary by neighborhood.”

Stp Climate Risk Map 2

Saint Paul climate risk map


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