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Sunday Summary – September 22, 2019

It has been a very quiet week here on  You could help us have busier weeks in the future by writing for us…about your experience at the Climate Strike last week, the latest decision/project/development in your community, or how Fall is a great season for streets on foot, bike, scooter, or transit.  Here’s last week:

Chris Steller highlights Smart Growth America’s Foot Traffic Ahead report on walkable urbanism by calling out one finding:  Report Ranks Mpls.-St. Paul’s Walkable Urban Spaces 4th for Social Equity.  After looking at several years of this annual study, the post reveals how social equity is measured: “housing cost (which they define as “percentage of household income for a household earning 80 percent of the area median (AMI) required to pay for housing”); transportation cost (“percentage of household income for a household earning 80 percent of the AMI required to pay for transportation”); and rental/for sale housing (percent of housing that’s rental, with a 50/50 split between rental and for-sale housing considered ideal).”

Bloomington’s Comprehensive Plan: Forward 2040 by Monte Castleman looks at some of the highlights in the recently adopted plan including housing (concentrating high density housing at a few nodes and adding senior housing), neighborhood commercial centers, redeveloping industrial areas, community centers, and transportation

Forward 2040

Bloomington plan: Forward 2040

Regular features

Roundabouts: Conrad Zbikowski introduces us to another Minnesota roundabout in Meet a Roundabout: U.S. 61 in Forest Lake.

Walk about: Walking All the Streets of Loring Park, Day 1 with Max Hailperin.

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Harbinger of a cold winter: local trees begin to grow feathers

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