Transpo Convo: Seeking the Best Holiday Light Displays

[This is part of’s “transpo convo” series, which aims to to be an oral history of getting around the Twin Cities, one person at a time.]

One Friday night, my family and I had the luck of catching the Holiday bus. As we rode, we noticed other holiday lights and decorations along the route. It reminded me of my father driving us around when I was a child, looking at the beautifully decorated houses during this season.

Holiday Bus

Holiday Bus


I started to wonder if there was any sort of guide to finding the best lights along bus routes, which is actually a fun way to view the lights as a whole family.

Sometimes social media pages have maps of holiday displays. Sometimes local newspapers and websites have those listings. Those types of maps make it easy to decide which bus route to take.

Based on my own routes and information compiled recently by other bus riders and bicyclists, I have composed a short list of where to see some holiday displays in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Please feel free to add other routes and displays in the comments.

Route 21:

At the corner of Selby and Lexington, there is a big holiday display every year. This year is no different. I also found that other houses and businesses in that area and up through Hamline to Concordia College have some nice lights on display. After Midway, there are some lights along Marshall Avenue.

On Lake Street, Urban Forage Winery and Cider House is quite lit up. If you have time, you can stop by for some cider or wine and enjoy the lights and ornaments on the inside, too.

A Line or Route 84:

At Grand Avenue and at Selby, the businesses have lit up the neighborhood with some spectacular lights.

Snelling at Grand

Snelling at Grand


Green Line:

In the Prospect Park area, some of the apartment windows and balconies have glowing displays.

Bicycle Routes:

-Pelham between Otis and St Anthony Avenue in St Paul has a few houses that are beautifully decorated that might warm up your cold, dark evening.

-Summit Avenue at Dewey, also in St Paul, has some pretty lights on the south side of the avenue.

-Portland Avenue in Minneapolis between 25th and 28th has some pretty cool lit up displays.

Whether you find the displays mentioned here or find your own, I hope you enjoy the brightness these displays add to some of the shortest days of the year. Have some fun with it, especially if you catch the holiday train, bus or BRT while you’re out. Or, decorate your bike in something festive while you’re heading out.

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