Man crossing Hennepin and Franklin. Surrounded by cars.

The sights and sounds of Hennepin Avenue

Before the City of Minneapolis comment deadline closes today, let’s consider what Hennepin Avenue currently is. Drowning in a sea of cars. Chaotic, loud, and hard to track where the next danger will come from.

All images courtesy of Derek Bauer. Derek spent a few hours documenting Hennepin Avenue at my request.

A place for cars, not people.

This is what Hennepin Avenue sounds like:

Yet, we have signs of life and what could be. We enjoy a stroll with ice cream, we cross the street to visit businesses, we shop for groceries, we wait for the bus, we bike. The people make this place. They bring it to life and make us imagine what it could be instead of what it isinstead of all the ways it fails us. Let’s make Hennepin work for people! Let the City of Minneapolis know we want a place for people: Option 1 is the only inclusive choice. Send a message in support to  or call 612-673-3594. 

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