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Linda Lindeke lived in three Canadian provinces before coming to the Twin Cities forty years ago for graduate school. Earning two degrees from the University of Minnesota, she is now retired from a long teaching career and is a health consultant and part-time pediatric nurse practitioner.

Magical Moments on Wheels with “I Can Shine”

“The wheels on the bike go round and round, all through the town…” What parent hasn’t sung something like that to a child who is proudly or reluctantly or fearfully mastering the complex feat of bike riding? I experienced all those emotions simultaneously while relearning to ride a bike in my retirement years, as well […]

For Detours, the Green Line Needs Much Better Public Information

This┬áSaturday, June 4th, I enjoyed watching Minnesota’s best athletes, the national women’s basketball champion team at the Target Center. The Lynx just won their seventh straight game, 80-63, remaining undefeated this season. Dallas gave them lots of tense moments, with many times being within a handful of points of taking the lead. After the game, […]