Author: Leah Puffer

Leah Puffer

Leah Puffer

Leah has a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New Orleans. She lives in Minneapolis.

The Future of the Midtown Greenway Bridges

Bridges are functional, can be quite lovely, and sometimes have historic value. The bridges along the Midtown Greenway between Humboldt and 20th Avenue South are a perfect example: they are pretty, keep the street grid mostly cohesive and some are historic. In the coming years we are going to have to decide if their historic […]

Start Seeing CCTVs

I watch a lot of detective television programs, and lately I’ve been noting more cameras watching me as I watch TV. For example, I will watch Law and Order in a pinch, but thanks to online streaming I have become enamored of British shows and have developed a fondness for Danish, Swedish and French police procedurals. I […]

Talk of Secession in St. George

I lived in New Orleans for several years, so I get pretty excited when Louisiana pops up on an international news service. Last week it was a news item on the BBC St. George. Currently, St. George is an unincorporated area in East Baton Rouge Parish (Louisiana doesn’t have counties, they have parishes) and after being […]

Can the Medical Center make Rochester a Real Destination?

Many people in the Twin Cities see Rochester the way people from New York City or Los Angeles might see the Twin Cities: a quaint outpost, a sleepy little town on the prairie. To a degree, that is true. But Rochester is an important piece of the cultural and economic life of Southeastern Minnesota – […]

Why did the New Markets Tax Credit Disappear?

At the end of July the CDFI Fund made data available about the last ten years of the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program. Tax credits are a bit complicated. For a full explanation as to how the NMTC program works, the CDFI Fund has you covered. The basics are that Community Development Entities (CDEs) […]