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The Bleak State of Local Journalism in 2020

It breaks my heart to see Minneapolis CityPages, The East Bay Express, The Bay Monthly and dozens of other alternative newspapers and magazines around the country go out of business. It has resulted in hundreds, perhaps thousands of unemployed freelance writers, editors, cartoonists, artists and journalists. Many factors led to this moment but, more than […]

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Yes, Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan for Transportation

  A recent post here at streets.mn focused on the transportation policies of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates. In this 3,000+ word analysis, five of the six current candidates’ policies were covered in depth, and one candidate was given a single sentence. This gives the false impression Warren doesn’t have a plan. The reality is that […]


Dem Presidential Candidates on Transportation Policy and Funding

Are you voting in the DFL primary? Who should you vote for? There are many, many different considerations for which candidate best represents your views or responds best to your concerns. One of those concerns, perhaps, involves transportation and land use in Minnesota. On this here website these particular issues are discussed on a daily […]