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Art Deco Tatoo Parlor

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Keewaydin

Near the lake, where I previously walked, Keewaydin’s streets are rarely horizontal or vertical on the map. Between 28th and 34th Avenues South, though, all the orientations are nice and tidy. Enough to bore a cartographer. Perhaps that’s why whoever platted the neighborhood decided to have some fun with the spacing. A double-wide block? Sure, perfect […]

Nokomis Benches

Walking All the Streets of Western Keewaydin on Lake Nokomis

Minneapolis’s Keewaydin neighborhood includes much of Lake Nokomis. Both names come from the “cult of Hiawatha,” as do those of several of the streets. By walking the portion of the neighborhood to the west of 28th Avenue South, I included the parkland surrounding the lake. In the route map, the blue tint indicates the full […]