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Sunday Summary – February 25, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea ended today with Afton, MN native Jessie Diggins carrying the American flag in the closing ceremonies. Earlier in the week, Jessie and teammate Kikkan Randall (she’s from Alaska) won the first ever gold medal in cross country skiing for the US (and only the second medal of […]

Alas, the Minnesota State Capitol is the Anti-Madison

It’s time once again for the Minnesota legislative session, the annual period of time when laws are debated at length, stall out completely, and then get decided at the very last minute with no prior knowledge of what’s in them. For those who are into politics, it’s a fun time. But I want to take […]

Chart of the Day: Golf Course Opportunity Costs

Via Strong Towns, here’s a very simple chart showing the potential revenue vs. actual revenue of a golf course in Madison, Wisconsin. In one column you have the potential tax revenue if you had developed a 42-acre golf course to the average of its surrounding neighborhood. In the other you have the payment in lieu […]