Critical Transit Podcast 42: Bike Winter

Like many writers, I maintain a transit web site of my own.  I’ve been asked to post selected episodes of the Critical Transit podcast here, starting with an informal conversation about winter biking. Please share your thoughts and winter cycling advice. 

Critical Transit Podcast Episode 42 is an informative panel discussion with four winter bicycling veterans in Minneapolis. We cover bike handling, what to wear and how to prepare your two-wheeled vehicle for our favorite season.

Listen here.

Get outside and ride across a frozen lake, visit an ice shanty, ride a ski bike, go mountain biking, make your own DIY winter tire solution or just buy a fat bike to impress your friends.

When you’re done, read Kat’s excellent Grease Rag post on winter bike safety & handling, learn about wheel building from Karl, geek out about Ice Biking, see what not to ride through the winter, and brush up on your snow terminology courtesy of podcast host Bill Lindeke.

Finally, go back and listen to my interview with Low on Critical Transit episode 33 for an intro to Grease Rag and her perspectives on building community and supporting new and old bicyclists.

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