Transpo Convo: Francine With Her Daughter

[This is part of’s “transpo convo” series, which aims to be an oral history of getting around the Twin Cities, one person at a time.] 

“I’m just out grocery shopping,” says Francine as she is walking down University Avenue, pushing her daughter in a stroller.

Francine identifies signal crossing time as an issue when out walking

Francine identifies signal crossing time as an issue when out walking

It is a warm 56 degree fall afternoon and rush hour traffic is just barely creeping along down the avenue.

“When it’s nice like this, it is so easy to walk with her,” Francine points to her daughter.

Francine has lived in the Union Park neighborhood connected to University Avenue for about seven months.  She identifies the convenient location as a reason she chose to move here.

“I don’t need to take the bus, the train or ride a bike.  Everything is right here,” she says.  “It’s just so easy to walk to get anything.”

It’s not always easy, however.

“I won’t take her out in the winter.  I’ll just drive,” Francine says, identifying a problem that can’t be changed when living in the Midwest.

“It sometimes gets hard to walk.  You have to watch out for cars.  People are always in a hurry.”

“But, it’s mostly easy to walk on a day like this.  They could make the walk signals longer for people like me who are with a stroller,” she adds.

Francine smiles and reiterates that she enjoys the opportunity to be out walking for errands on such a nice day as she wanders away with her daughter and groceries in tow.

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