University Avenue Survey-Last Day to Contribute

Parking Possibilities is a group that has come together to discuss the layout of University Ave and how it can best serve a wide variety of users and stakeholders.

University mockups

If you drive, walk, bike, train, or shop on University Ave, consider adding your input. The survey is short, and leaves room for written comments.

Today (Friday November 14, 2014) is the last day for comments.

Rebecca Airmet

About Rebecca Airmet

Rebecca is a Twin Cities transplant from the mountain west. She is an editor, writer, and bicycle advocate with Saint Paul Women on Bikes. She enjoys riding fast and far with her husband and nice and easy with her kids.

3 thoughts on “University Avenue Survey-Last Day to Contribute

  1. Matt SteeleMatt Steele

    It’s sort of disappointing that the choice appears to be between space for moving cars or space for stored cars.

  2. Evan RobertsEvan Roberts

    Indeed, but I think that politically moving to metered parking spaces is something achievable that will improve the experience on University Ave for most people. Once people have seen that the Avenue flows OK most of the time with a single traffic lane it will be easier to make some of the reduction in driving space permanent.

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