Chart of the Day: Edina Bike/Walk Count Results, Usage by Mode

Disclaimer, I work for the City of Edina, and made these charts for a presentation to the Edina Transportation Commission.

This chart is a sum of all the locations’ daily averages for bicyclists and pedestrians during the 2014 Edina bicycling and walking counts.

Streets Chart of Day (EDINA BIKEPED SLIDE) 4

This chart shows the numbers are percentages of bicyclists vs pedestrians overall in the city.

Something fun to note is that the first chart Year-to-Year Comparisons did not fit this profile, but were nearly exactly opposite. Different times gave very different numbers of people biking and walking, as did different locations. (Interlachen and Blake is not exactly pedestrian friendly, but it is a connection for many vehicular cyclists.)

You can see the whole presentation here, close to the 30 minute mark. Also, you can view the past Charts of the Day (Year-to-Year Comparisons, Daily Use by Location, and Daily Use Profile)


Joseph Totten

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Joe is a graduate of Civil Engineering-Transportation and Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota, and has a masters degree from Portland State University. Born and raised in Saint Paul, Joe has worked with nonprofits and public agencies in MSP and Portland.

4 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: Edina Bike/Walk Count Results, Usage by Mode

  1. Walker AngellWalker Angell

    Maybe this is in your video and I didn’t get to it yet… Do you have any idea what the commute and short trip modal shares are for people walking, bicycling, and disabled?

    Has motor vehicle traffic increased along w/ people walking & bicycling?

    1. Joseph TottenJoseph Totten Post author

      Just to do a quick grab, at 44th and Brookside, we have seen relatively flat vehicle traffic (minor decreases). Mode share on Brookside is between 6.5% and 10% for all non-motorized to vehicles, and about 6.5% mode share on 44th. Don’t have time to do too many more… but those were easiest to see/find.

      1. Joseph TottenJoseph Totten Post author

        Antrim is 7.5%, has gone back and forth for vehicle traffic. (against some older counts it would be over 10% use non-motorized)

        Valley View is around 4%, and has seen some vehicle growth (residents often suggest that Eden Prarie residents are avoiding 169 and the crosstown for a few exits).

        These numbers are seeming to keep coming up, where it’s a good area for use of non-motorized (or even just halfway decent) there seems to be a 4-10% mode share, and a little to no growth or decline in vehicle traffic.

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