Sunday Summary – November 20, 2016

sunday-summary-logoThis past Thursday was Give to the Max Day – thanks to all who gave! Even though Give to the Max DAY is over, two posts this week were written by board members telling why they care about and they’re worth a read if you would like to consider making a donation: Making Even Better (Dana DeMaster) and Why Matters to Me (Hannah Pritchard).

But wait, there’s more to 2016 Fundraiser: Save the Date! announces the upcoming social event and fundraiser on Thursday, December 1 at 5:30 PM with mystery guests, a 50/50 raffle, and refreshments. Get your tickets here and we’d love to see you there.

Election recap

Map Monday: Minnesota 2016 Presidential Election Results provides county-level results from the 2016 election. Bill Lindeke observes “one of the big takeaways from the election is how stark the rural-urban divide has become. For many reasons, there is more division and disagreement between people who live in cities and people who do not than any time in the last century.” Also read the several lengthy comments from various points on the political spectrum. does not currently have many writers outside the blue urban areas; if you can add new perspectives, write for us.


Rochester news

Rochester architect Adam Ferrari has two posts this week. First, The Beast with No Backs looks at the redevelopment proposal for Rochester’s Miracle Mile area. When the Miracle Mile strip mall was built, it faced a 2-lane Highway 52 which has grown to be a 6-lane divided highway. Redevelopment plans continued to make the highway the front until the Kutzky Park neighborhood on the other side asked for the development to relate to the neighborhood. Looking at this opportunity, “it seems short sided to have an urban development face a major highway and not a growing, densifying, urban residential neighborhood.” The proposal comes back to the Rochester City Council in late November. Add to this hope for a more human-scale Rochester with Adam’s short Made for Walking video from the Mayo Clinic Transform 2015 Symposium.

Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile

Bike Tour of Saint Paul

Wolfie Browender has been taking us on photo tours of Saint Paul for several years now and here’s the latest trip around Saint Paul By Bike: Inside Scottie’s Place. As winter weather blows into Minnesota, go back to August 2015 and Highland Park, Macalester-Groveland, and Summit Hill. As always, there are many stories in the buildings, places, and people along the way.

Today this eight unit building is called the F. Scott Fitzgerald Row house. Fitzgerald and his parents lived in two different units during their time in Saint Paul. Today this eight unit building is called the F. Scott Fitzgerald Row house. Fitzgerald and his parents lived in two different units during their time in Saint Paul. The row house occupies 587 through 601 Summit Avenue.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Row house.


International Links: Finland Mobility, Earth Moving, and More! is the latest from The Direct Transfer.

Thank you again to all who gave on Give to the Max Day or joined us as members at any other time; is a 100% volunteer organization and we depend on your financial support and your contributions of time, writing, and work on our committees.  Thanks and have a great week!

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