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Dana DeMaster

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Dana DeMaster, MPP, is a program evaluator and researcher for human services programs who lives and bikes in Saint Paul. When she’s not analyzing data, she can be found rabble-rousing for neighborhood bike improvements in Saint Paul, playing Legos with her two children, or sewing practical things. You can find some of her other writing on the Grease Rag and Wrench blog.

Leading Pedestrian Interval

Sonnet, or Love Song

Pedestrian leading interval, YAY! Hark! Proclaim your wondrous utility, Yet, simple with so much humility, Very easy to cross the street today, Protected in all my fragility, From car and truck driver hostility, So cheerful even when the skies are grey. Gratitude be to Saint Paul Public Works, For installing them all over the place, […]

Dumb Bikes

20 Random Thoughts About Dockless Bike and Scooter Share

A list of thoughts as random as the bikes strewn about my neighborhood. The scooters are super fun. Like SUPER. I was a menace the first time I tried a scooter. Seriously dangerous. Had to bail three times before I figured out the brakes. Bicyclists in Saint Paul’s bike lane said cuss words at me. […]

Biking Through a Circus

On Sunday my children and I were meeting friends at Minnehaha Park and then planned to stop for ice cream and some book shopping in Highland Village. It is only a nine mile round trip and parking at Minnehaha Park is difficult so we decided to ride our bicycles. My six-year old rode on the […]

What the North Star Can Learn from the Lone Star

This past week I attended a conference in Austin, Texas. I had only ever been to cruddy parts of Texas before, but was excited to see a city I had heard great things about. People told me about the great music scene, amazing food, and beautiful parks. I knew they have bike share and had […]

Commuter Story: Danger Girl Bikes To School

(Editor’s Note: We asked our readers and writers for their commuter stories. This is Daphne’s, aka Danger Girl.) Who Am I I’m Daphne, but I prefer to be called Danger Girl. I go to kindergarten and I like playing with tape. My Bike I have a Trek Cub that used to be my brother’s. Where […]

A Five Step Guide to Having “The Talk”

Last night I had “The Talk” with someone about biking and walking. Like other Capital T Talks, to be most effective this one needs to be handled with delicacy, tact, a positive attitude, and without shame. Here is my five step guide to having a successful Talk about Biking and Walking. The Talk usually starts […]

If I Ran the World: West 7th Street

If I ran the world, West 7th Street would be great. In addition to cool shops and bars, a long history, and excellent transit, West 7th Street would have a series of linear parks. Parks with benches. Parks with tables. Parks with trees. Anyone could walk or hop a street car from one cool shop […]

Beyond the Big Yellow Bus

When I was in school as a child I took the bus. Nearly everyone I knew took the bus or walked. Now, my children are in the very small minority who walk or bike to school. Many children are still bussed to school, but my memories of 1985 do not include a long line of […] Voter Guide – Saint Paul Mayoral Candidate Trahern Crews

Here is the latest in our Saint Paul mayoral candidate questionnaire. These responses are from Trahern Crews.  1. How do you get around in Saint Paul? Bike, Walk, Bus & Train. 2. In your opinion, what is Saint Paul’s greatest transportation challenge? How would you plan to address it while in office? Traffic congestion, the […]