1970 Mobil Ad

Sunday Summary – September 10, 2017

State Fair, done. Defeat of Jesse James Days, almost over. School open, yes. Local apples, definitely. Must be Fall! A light week here on streets.mn, but here’s what we’ve got:

A Walk in Eastern Como is the next walk in the alphabet from Max Hailperin and the third in the Como area of Minneapolis. As always, the sights, history and a tour of “the ReUse Program, where just about anything that has been used at the University can find a new use elsewhere in the University or, failing that, in the outside world. They are open to the general public on Thursdays and on Saturdays from noon to 4:00 PM.”

Bicycles for Reuse


Monte Castleman’s The I-35W Bridge Collapse 10 Years Later is not so much about the collapse as the changes in transportation policy and funding which happened as a result including a recap of the law, the bridges which were repaired or replaced as a result, and some of the politics, too.

I-35 Bridge collapsed


Amazing 1970 Mobil Ad on Pedestrian Safety must be seen to be believed:

1970 Mobil Ad


The Developing Thrivent Building Story looks at what’s known now about the Thrivent Building and possible redevelopment: “As of right now, Thrivent Financial owns a collection of surface parking lots and one uniquely shaped 18-story tower in Downtown Minneapolis.”  The multiple options include Hennepin County office space, parking ramp, or new Thrivent headquarters plus Matt Eckholm does some thinking about better options. Comments add context, additional information about parts of the project, and a good summary of what county government does.

Thrivent Headquarters today


We Read the Strib Parking Article’s Comments So You Don’t Have To continues streets.mn’s valuable public service of reading the Strib’s online comments then summarizing and analyzing them for you: “the Star Tribune posted an article It’s not your imagination — parking is disappearing in Minneapolis. The subhead and picture on the article gave a taste of what was to come, with a picture of a bicyclist, and “As as city reduces spots to encourage biking and transit, the cost is going up.” Julie Kosbab gave the comments a poor rating overall, but did find a few voices of reason, too.  The many commenters on the comments commiserate, offer some perspective from other cities, and consider what might really help parking issues in MSP. And an emergency kitten included, too.

Kitten Reading Internet Comments

Emergency kitten

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