Sunday Summary – October 8, 2017

Image of Sunday Summary logoIt’s looking like Fall around the Twin Cities (check peak leaf color forecasts here), early voting is in full swing for Minneapolis and Saint Paul local elections, and you might be thinking of getting your Halloween costume ready. We encourage you to dress up as your favorite transportation or land use project and send us photos or your regalia.

Big Questions

Michael Daigh challenges The Myth of the Scofflaw Cyclist by summarizing much recent research on when and why people on bikes and people driving break laws such as running stop signs. Commenters add some context and additional concerns.

Monte Castleman looks at The Causes of Crashes, or the causes of two particular crashes in detail, and finds mismatches of design to context and failure to make needed improvements contributing to crashes involving cars and pedestrians.

Road Closed

What happened?

Bill Lindeke is Checking Back with a Saint Paul Snelby Decision to see how the intersection changes at Snelling and Selby are working and the concerns during the planning phases can be evaluated. accompanied the planning. The questions were whether a dedicated right turn lane should be installed on west bound Selby or a bumpout at this intersection. Although not an easy process, the bumpout was built and “it seems like a huge success. The corner is actually pleasant to be on. People actually use the picnic tables on the sidewalk. Given that they are located on the horrible MnDOT traffic sewer that is Snelling Avenue, that’s quite an accomplishment! Traffic is still bad coming off Ayd Mill, but that was always a lost cause anyway.” Commenters provide real-life examples of how it works for the better, along with some suggestions for Ayd Mill Road.


Jay Walljasper writes 2017 Walking Summit in Saint Paul – A Review to follow up his preview of the event.  Held in September in Saint Paul, the post recaps sessions, summarizes some case studies, and previews ten priorities developed at the Summit.

Or take a walk with Max Hailperin around Minneapolis. This week’s walk goes to Northern and Riverfront Cooper with nature, history, architecture, and more.

Minneapolis Rowing Club Boathouse, Looking Northwest from Lake Street Bridge

Quick looks

Map Monday: Saint Paul’s Rondo Neighborhood, c. 1950-1960: “The destruction of the African-American Rondo neighborhood for the construction of I-94 in the mid-1960s is a well-known story, but the exact layout and street grid of the old neighborhood is difficult to imagine today. This kind of map allows people who were too young to remember Saint Paul in the pre-freeway days to get a sense of what the old neighborhood might have been like.”

National Links: Sugarcoating Housing, Blockchain, and Parking Minimums collects links from media around the country on great topics.

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