Five Reasons to Give to the Max: The Posts You Read to the Max

Happy Give to the Max Day! We’ve already given you a glimpse into what your financial donation means to us at — a wholly volunteer-led, volunteer-edited and volunteer-written web site.

But, when it comes to it, you’re here because we publish such great content.

Think about the posts you’ve read this year. Any of them make an impact on how you think? Given you talking points for awkward family dinners? You’re not alone. We thought we’d tickle your memory with a list of our top five posts for 2017:

Top Five Posts 2017 (Year To Date):

  1. It’s Not the Non-Profits that Keep Saint Paul Poor, It’s Their Parking Lots (June 2017)
  2. 26th and 28th Street Changes Are About Safety For All (October 2017)
  3. Map Monday: Existing and Planned Twin Cities Rail versus Population Density (August 2017)
  4. Five Reasons to Love Saint Paul’s Ford Site Plans (March 2017)
  5. The Riverview Line is the Best Twin Cities Transit Project in the Works Right Now (July 2017)

We have actually published more than 350 posts year-to-date – every one written by a volunteer, edited by a volunteer, and published on a server maintained by volunteers. Won’t you volunteer your donation this Give to the Max Day for the content you value?

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