Sunday Summary – November 26, 2017

There is not much to summarize on this holiday weekend and I trust readers have been enjoying food, family, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and may be anticipating Cyber Monday. Should you have any dollars left over by Tuesday, also appreciates gifts you can make by clicking the link or button to the right. Looking ahead, mark your calendar to join us on December 12, 2017 for our Winter Festivity with The Theater of Public Policy.

Big Story

Three Complaints and Three Ideas for Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Future METRO System from Alex Schieferdecker identifies three problems with prior projects (too focused on suburban commuters, relying on transit to drive new development, and using existing freight rail at the expense of better transit) and looks ahead to how Metro Transit could do better with the Riverview Corridor, Ford site development, and St. Anthony-Ayd Mill area to create “a true network of high fequency, high capacity, congestion-free routes, serving MSP’s major destinations, population and job centers. That’s the goal.”

Less than full Red Line bus

Walk, ride, and learn

Walk another Minneapolis neighborhood with Max Hailperin in Southeast Diamond Lake and learn some history, see the neighborhood architecture, and a few curious details.

Bike to see A Different Collection of Plates with Wolfie Browender. Rather than another of Wolfie’s longer rides which survey neighborhoods, history, and people in Saint Paul, this one is a single destination: a wonderful collection of license plates and the stories that come with them.

Look at Map Monday: Two Maps Showing Minneapolis Racial Segregation from two sources at the University of Minnesota and the observation that we don’t see predominately white neighborhoods as segregated, but see majority non-white neighborhoods that way.

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