Photo shows homemade traffic signs

Sunday Summary – August 4, 2019

First, there are two events coming up. For transit fans and/or night owls, Friday, August 16th: Join Us For Happy Hour + One Final Ride On The Midnight Bus From Wayzata for a trip out to Wayzata Friday evening and back to Minneapolis in the wee hours of Saturday morning. For readers who identify as femme, trans, women, or non-binary, there’s Femme/Trans/Women/Non-Binary Meet-Up: Friday, August 9th a casual meetup focused on what you need as writers, readers, and supporters of

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St. Paul By Bike: First Time in Capitol Heights, Mount Airy and Back to the Bluff on a 27 mile bike ride through Frogtown (Capitol Heights, Mount Airy), Payne-Phalen, East Side (Dayton’s Bluff) with Wolfie Browender. But not just a bike ride, but a tour of the buildings, history, and people along the way including a conversation with a homeowner about her historic home, a look at some of the state government buildings, and a neighborhood Sage.

Photo shows homemade traffic signs

The homemade four-way stop sign and self-described Guerilla Traffic Installation at Fourth and Bates (Photo Wolfie Browender)

Transit-Oriented Dating: Snelling-Midway by Alicia Valenti provides another take on the TOD abbreviation with “Twin Cities date ideas that are all accessible via transit.” A few transit accessible date ideas are provided along with a request for more ideas from readers. Commenters suggest BOD (bike-oriented dating) and/or SOD (scooter-oriented dating) as extensions of this theme of socializing without driving.

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A Line at Snelling and University on its opening day (photo: Metro Transit)

Regular features

Map: Map Monday: Trees & Urban Carbon Emissions in the Twin Cities which shows, “Trees help, but as a policy tree planting must be accompanied by aggressive tactics to reduce the emissions to be offset.”

Link: National Links: Were Cars a Terrible Mistake? and other links from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.

Walk: Walking All the Streets of Northern Longfellow with Max Hailperin.

Round and round: Conrad Zbikowski helps us meet another Roundabout: I-494 and U.S. 169 (he’s also introduced us to this one) where there are six linked roundabouts as part of the award winning highway interchange.

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Interchange of I-494 and U.S. 169 with six roundabouts. Northeast is up. Map: Google Earth

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