Author: Alex Rowland

About Alex Rowland

Alex lives 'car-lite' on a farm in rural Becker Township. He studies the three interrelated fields of land use, permaculture and ecology.

What a Car-free Commute Looks Like in Outstate Minnesota

I’m not sure if my living situation qualifies as “outstate” as much as it feels like it sometime. There is a barn on my property, along with a grain silo. Two of our neighbors have horse pastures, and agricultural is still a large part of the community. But I live in Becker, located in Sherburne County. It is […]

Life on Foot in our Ninth Largest City

I spent much of this spring exploring the system of bike lanes and trails that South Minneapolis has to offer, as well as the state and county lands here in Sherburne County. Both are relatively new to me despite being a lifelong Minnesota resident. I spent my childhood in Becker, which meant our family made many […]

Transit Oriented Sprawl in Sherburne County

Sherburne County lies between the two metropolitan areas of St. Cloud and the Twin Cities. Highway 10 will take you directly from St. Paul to St. Cloud, passing through Elk River, Big Lake, Becker and Clear Lake. US Census data indicates that the county’s population more than doubled between 1990 and 2010, from roughly 42,000 […]